Belkin TuneBase for iPod

The Belkin TuneBase for iPod is well-made, looks good, but performs poorly. It's an iPod FM transmitter for the car. Inexplicably, it doesn't cover all of the FM band, leaving out 87.9 at the low end, the frequency most likely to be available. Even though it receives its power from the car battery, its power output is so low, there is nearly constant static and noise overwhelming the signal when in use. (Updated Information: I found that if you adjust its position carefully, and position it close to your body, which can act like an antenna, it will provide a somewhat better signal). I live in an area with a lot of FM stations, so there aren't many clear channel. If you live in a more rural area if the country, you will probably get better results. My Griffin iTrip nano, which is powered by the nano itself, performs better than this unit. Why, you might ask, did I buy the TuneBase when I already had the iTrip. I'm planning on taking a long drive, and the iTrip doesn't keep the iPod's battery charged like the TuneBase. The other reason was that the cost was $0.00 after rebate (including shipping). That's also the reason I'm not going to return it. Another cautionary note, Belkin says the TuneBase is only compatible with the iPod Mini and the first generation of the iPod nano.

© Jon Rosen, 2010